Capacity Building

MELI focuses on building the capacities of existing Community Based Organizations, Youth Groups, Women Groups and Self Help Groups in order to empower the members on financial gains emerging from entrepreneurships & savings. MELI works with communities through the leaders to share knowledge and skills that re-examine saving opportunities. Initiatives include training workshops , entrepreneurships, access to clean water & sanitation, health rights, food security and a sustainable environment.

Networking and Collaboration

MELI works very closely within its network to develop common approaches, frameworks and tools such as manuals, checklists and guidelines. MELI builds on existing knowledge, practices, materials and information to enhance project delivery. Deliberate effort is made to establish and strengthen existing and new linkages with other organizations and networks working on community based learning for sustainable development.

Shared learning and documentation

MELI shares knowledge through workshops both national and sub-national levels to create a forum for exchanging ideas, sharing experiences, lesson learnt and successful strategies.. Successful innovative strategies, experiences and lesson learnt in programmes is documented, published and shared with relevant stakeholders through workshops, print, and electronic media for replication and policy influencing.

Policy reform advocacy

MELI builds on demonstrative interventions to advocate for inclusion of sustainable development in community based learning in and out of school that support experiential education which helps young people to analyze and solve problems in their immediate environment. The documented successful innovative strategies inform MELI’s policy reform advocacy in influencing stakeholders to replicate and integrate the interventions into sustainable development programmes.