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Matungu District Commissioner inspecting MELI Field Farming School

Vocational Skills for 100 young mothers in Kenya

MELI is giving 100 young mothers in Kenya vocational skills that will help them be able to raise income for their families and improve the society's living standards. We ask you to kindly support us in this en-devour, please donate to the course by clicking GIVE and be a part of this movement.

Launch of an innovative solution to Food Security in Kenya

This was carried out through a project; MELI Farming tools and Equipment Library in Matungu Sub-County, Kakamega County. The objectives of the event were:

  • To stimulate local development activity through improved access to farming equipment and a farming tools library
  • Provide farming tools and farm inputs for the poor residence of Matungu Sub-County
  • Improve on the food security of the people;
  • Increase productivity and reduce endemic poverty;
  • Foster increased social interaction.
  • Promote grassroots women and men leadership initiatives
  • Minimize vulnerability in the flood prone areas of River Nzoia

  • Besides, MELI initiated KILIMO CHAP! CHAP!- a productive post-harvest culture, and is working with like-minded partners to support the youth. The context of Chap! Chap! refers to quick post -harvest response agribusiness forums which will be held on a bi-annual basis in each of the 47 counties in Kenya. This builds on MELI Young Entrepreneurs Societies initiative, which has impacted young people's lives through empowerment in sustained engagement on climate change adaptation. Also, MELI established a demonstrative Dairy Cow unit in Koyonzo, in Matungu

Munanga Primary School

MELI began to collaborate with the school in 2009, and introduced the Young Entrepreneurs Society (YES) club. The school is situated in a flood prone area along River Nzoia. The members of the YES club embarked on tree planting and seedling preparations that they are selling in the neighboring communities.

MELI Infant School in Buduma Parish, Busia County

MELI Infant School in Busia County-Western Kenya

The school is an integrated approach in accessing quality early childhood education in the rural areas of Kenya. It was developed with a goal to demonstrate model of Early Child Care and Development (ECCD) in the rural areas and cater for children from ‘poor’ families who cannot afford to access the services compared to the children in the urban centers. Its objectives were:

  • To stimulate local development activity through improved nutrition and childcare of the children of ages 0-6 in the rural areas
  • Demonstrate quality child care to County Governments in Kenya
  • Promote nutrition through poultry and dairy project at the infant schools
  • Increase productivity and reduce endemic malnutrition among Orphans and Vulnerable Children
  • Foster increased social interaction of parents and grandparents to support the project
  • Advocate for policies at the County Government that replicate the African Story Book project model.