Launch of an innovative solution to Food Security in Kenya

  • Digital Literacy for ages 5-16 years olds using ICT4D
  • Youth Leadership Academy mentoring girls and boys
  • Social Enterpreneurship
  • Rearing of fish and fish processing, rabbits and indigenous poultry and cultivation of indigenous vegetables all of which not only have market but also a lot of health benefits. Partnerships will and can be forged with institutions which deal with indigenous products and promote healthy living e.g. Aloe Vera, for example herbal institutions hence the community can be engaged on cultivation of products which are on demand.
  • Training on the essence of having a clean environment, this will be done through programmes like garbage collection and how garbage is recycled and used again, sold as organic manure, through this there will be an improvement in health since diseases that are associated with pollution will be a thing of the past, livelihoods will also be improved since some members of the community will even be employed.
  • Community participation and volunteerism at different levels and groups especially in the area of environmental conservation.
  • Energy and manure production through Eco san toilets, where waste is recycled and used again as either energy or fertilizer, is also an area where trainings will be emphasized this will promote hygiene, improve health, and give the community alternative sources of energy as well as employment since the end products can be sold.
  • Putting up of treated water kiosks this will be in partnership with relevant stakeholders and ministries hence ensuring adequate water supply for all and also a source of revenue especially for women who will be selling it to the community hence enhancing gender equality
  • Organize sporting activities and tournaments for both the able and disabled from various institutions, this will be used as a method of fund raising and interaction forum where both can learn more skills from one another and also enhance equality.
  • Importance of child education is also another area that will be looked at and MELI will also work with the relevant authorities on the elimination of child labor with the area of focus being Nyanza among other areas, MELI will work closely with relevant tertiary institutions and polytechnics so that children rescued from forced labor can be trained on better ways of earning income when they come of age, such areas may be in tailoring, carpentry,
  • Health education to all and the importance to healthy living.