Development programs

The youth are universally energetic, adventurous, and emotional. They have a dynamic spirit; MELI harnesses these qualities through MELI Youth Forums to bring forth leadership, employability and self-reliance skills in young people. It promotes education fellowship for both boys and girls from age 12-24 years

The development programs promote MELI life skills earned through experiential programs such as community service and youth clubs where MELI youth work together and apply their skills in teams to solve community problems The MELI life skills programs serve as stepping-stone to other outcomes such as increased volunteerism and service, or employment for participants. The development program complements the school systems which emphasise theory limiting creativity.

MELI life skills enable the African youths to develop decision-making skills, in the sense that the decision-making shifts to the youths themselves. MELI achieves this by accessing information and resources to its members to provide life skills training opportunities that result in a culture of peace and innovation in communities. Young Entrepreneurs Societies (YES) Club is the forum MELI uses to instill in young people the essence of looking after their environment. Through the YES Club, MELI runs a tree planting campaign in schools.

MELI Book Clubs

The aim is to develop a reading culture among young people and a culture of writing through keeping journals to document the oral stories passed on with the aim of recovering Africa and contribute to the Africa Storybook project.